Hi everyone, 

Happy new year!

I hope it will be a great one for your online business.
I've just updated all platforms for the hosting, WHM, cPanel, this site and template, as well as optimising the server. Occassionally I will go through and optimise everyones databases for their sites to make sure sites run smoothly.

I will be upgrading the hosting server soon to a better and faster system. The transition should be seemless, although I will give everyone notice beforehand and if everyone could hold off making edits to their site for 24 hours. Will be keeping in touch about this soon so look out for the email.

There are also a lot of new updates you should go now and check out on CustomMembershipSites.com

Check out the latest versions of the scripts, the new sites for sale and other parts of the site that have been updated. New affiliate banners and tools will soon be on the site.

Thanks for being a custom at MembershipSiteHosting.com and CustomMembershipSites.com

I appreciate your business and having you as part of the team!

Thanks for your time and to your success!

Phil @ CustomMembershipSites.com
& MembershipSiteHosting.com

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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